Apr 26, 2013
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2013 NFL Draft Results: Seahawks select RB Christine Michael with 62nd overall pick

This is what you can do when you have enough confidence in your team to select draft picks for value and not need. Trade down, get more picks, and grab a neato RB.

Just distilling from the link and comments a bit: Michael ran a 4.54 40 (Marshawn ran a 4.46 at his combine, and Michael weighs 5 more pounds), and ran the fastest shuttle and cone drill of all RBs at the combine, which means his lateral movement and ability to break tackles is nuts. I envision him as a proto-Lynch type. He also has a girl’s first name and a boy’s first name, which is pretty unique. (Note: his first name is pronounced like “Kristin”, which doesn’t really change anything re: girls’ names, but it’s even more interesting.)

That means, for now he’ll provide depth at RB to ease Lynch’s work load and fill in if (god forbid) Beast Mode goes down. There’s also been suggestions in the comments that he could play FB if the Hawks let Michael Robinson go, which isn’t out of the question since he costs the team a lot of money. Also suggested is kick returning, since Leon Washington was let go, but I see Percy Harvin stepping into that role next year. Big guys like Michael don’t usually get that call.

If you’re not desperate, you can draft for value, depth, and the future. Smart drafting over the last 2-3 years has lead to opportunities like this. Not only do the Hawks get a quality second round pick, but they pick up two late round picks. They picked up Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman in the fifth round, so the Hawks front office has the ability to find those diamonds in the rough.

Hit that link for further discussion and some game tape. Welcome to town, Christine.